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Qualifying agents also get the Master Listing Agent™ (MLA) designation, forever.

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Listings are in short supply, but there's a new way to make sure sellers call you first...

Listing Agents,

The listing shortage is real. Which means top listing agents are printing money, while other agents struggle.

So having a competitive advantage in your local market has never been more important than it is today. That's where ListingAgents.com can help you.

We've launched a new real estate directory to help sellers find top listing agents in their area. This means you have a limited time to get in on the ground floor before your competitors join. Here's a few things that set us apart:

Agents Sorted By Join Date

When sellers search their city, agents are shown by join date. So joining early gives you a huge advantage!

No Referral Fees*

You never owe a referral fee when sellers or buyers contact you directly from your profile page.

VIP Profile Setup + No Reviews

We know you're busy. That's why we're offering free VIP profile setup for all agents that join. Our team does it all.

And we know the LAST thing you need is another site asking you to collect reviews. So we have no plans to add reviews at present.

*Keep 100% of your commission when buyers or sellers contact you directly from your profile page.  You also have the option of accepting listing referrals and buyer referrals through our referral network for a 25% referral fee.

best of All you can...

Recoup Your Investment With a Single Listing!

We want the ListingAgents.com launch offer to be the greatest value in the history of real estate. That's why we've priced our membership tiers so that agents from ANY market can join and recoup their entire investment + make money with a single listing!

Unlike legacy real estate sites that charge outrageous prices for premium markets with higher priced listings, we're leveling the playing field. So every agent who joins during our launch phase pays the same. Regardless of market location!

But this offer won't be available for long, and once it's gone market-based pricing will be added. So don't miss out! 

Step 1

Join today by picking your plan at the bottom of this page and completing the checkout process.

Step 2

Our VIP profile setup team will create your profile including high-quality content to help you rank on Google.

Step 3

Sellers (and buyers) reach out to you directly via your profile page so that you can sell their home.


Take It From an Expert:

"Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago."

Warren Buffet

Greatest Investor of All Time

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity!

When was the last time a major real estate portal offered you the chance to secure top placement in your market for a one-time fixed fee? The answer is NEVER!  Until now.
But like all good things, this opportunity won't last long. 

The Hottest New Designation

Are you ready to become a Master Listing Agent™?

  • Distinguish yourself from competitors with a title that gives you status and instantly resonates with sellers.
  • If you are already a top-producing Listing Agent, there is a good chance you qualify to start using the MLA™ designation immediately after joining ListingAgents.com!
  • Visit the FAQ section at the bottom of this page to learn more about earning and using the MLA™ designation.
Master Listing Agent MLA Designation Logo

Listing Agents Approved Badge

Instant Credibility

Let Sellers Know Why They Should Hire You

Real Estate Agents are a dime a dozen, and sellers know they have options.

So you need to optimize your image and have every advantage at your disposal to make sure sellers list their property with you.

That's why ListingAgents.com is so powerful. We aren't just working hard to generate high-quality listing leads for you; our goal is to enhance your brand so that sellers don't feel the need to interview other agents.

Cutting edge tech that makes you money.

Here's how:

A.I. Content Strategy To Deliver You Qualified Listing Leads

Embracing the newest tech like Artificial Intelligence is an important part of our strategy. We are using A.I. to generate high-quality leads for our members.

That's why a portion of all membership fees will be spent on creating valuable content to help your profile and local market pages rank high on Google and other social media platforms. Then the leads go straight to you.

We are a real estate technology company dedicated to making our member agents $$$.

Expect change. Analyze the landscape. Take the opportunities. Stop being the chess piece; become the player. It's your move.

Tony Robbins

Life & Business Strategist

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Ground Floor Opportunity

Master Listing Agent™ (MLA) Designation

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Exclusive Launch Pricing

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Get high-quality local listing leads by joining our directory of top Listing Agents + the MLA Designation!



  • Lifetime Directory Membership
  • Keep 100% of Your Commission*
  • Profiles Sorted Locally by Join Date
  • Instant Credibility with Sellers
  • Master Listing Agent™ (MLA) Designation (if you qualify)



Appear above Basic Profiles for as long as you remain a Featured Agent!



(3 Years Featured, Then Option to Renew at Current Market Rates)

  • All Basic Profile Benefits PLUS:
  • Appear Above Basic Profiles
  • Red Border in Search Results
  • Up to 5X More Views & Leads!
  • Local Newspaper Press Release

Only $0.91/day!



Get a Featured Profile that Never Expires & Keep Your Ranking Forever!



(Lifetime Featured Profile with No Renewal Fees EVER)

  • Featured Profile Benefits PLUS:
  • Permanent Featured Profile
  • No Renewal Fees...EVER
  • Avoid Future Price Increases
  • Limited to 100 Agents Only

100 Agents Only!

No Contract + Recoup Your Investment With A Single Listing!

*Keep 100% of your commission when buyers or sellers contact you directly from your profile page.  You also have the option of accepting listing referrals and buyer referrals through our referral network for a 25% referral fee.




When you join ListingAgents.com you aren't joining another real estate portal operated by a faceless corporation who doesn't care about your success.

ListingAgents.com was founded by a fellow agent to help solve one of the biggest problems in our industry: paying for overpriced leads. If you're tired of gambling your hard-earned marketing budget on questionable leads, consider taking advantage of our incredible launch offer!


Here are some common questions about joining ListingAgents.com

How can I determine if the #1 spot is still available in my market?

You can click here to visit our home page and search on your city. If no agents are returned in the search results, it means the #1 spot is still available in your market.

If the #1 spot has already been claimed, check to see if a red border appears around the listing, indicating that it is a featured listing. If there is not a red border, you can still claim the #1 spot by selecting the Featured Profile option above.

The first 3-5 agents who join will have a huge advantage over agents who join later, so don't be discouraged if the #1 spot has already been taken. You can still get amazing positioning and an incredible value for your marketing dollars!

How does the 3-Year Featured Profile work?

We want to reward our founding members who support ListingAgents.com from the start. So rather than charge a monthly or annual fee, we're giving you 3 years of Featured status to try out the platform.

This comes out to $1.37 cents per day ($1,500 / 1,095 days) to upgrade your profile to Featured status.

In our opinion, this makes the Featured Profile option the best advertising value in the history of real estate.

What happens if I decide not to renew my Featured Profile after 3 years?

If you decide not to renew, your profile will revert to a Basic Profile.

You will still appear in the ListingAgents.com directory and be shown in your local market in order by join date. If you qualify for the Master Listing Agent™ Designation, your designation status will not be affected.

Is the Lifetime Featured Profile option really "lifetime" or will I have to pay additional fees?

Yes, the Lifetime Featured Profile is really lifetime. Listing Agents who select this option will retain their Featured status FOREVER. And you'll never have to pay a renewal fee. Which means if you are the first agent to join in your market...you will retain your #1 top placement for as long as you keep you real estate license active.

Because this is such an amazing deal, there are only 100 Lifetime Featured Profiles available.

(We have no way of knowing what market renewal rates will be for Featured Profiles 3 years from now, so we have to limit our downside. But considering other major portals charge hundreds or even thousand of dollars per month for premium markets...this is an incredibly good deal.)

How does the VIP profile setup work? Will I be able to edit my own profile and make changes?

The VIP profile setup is included for all agents who join. We know how busy you are, and we want a turnkey process to make getting started as fast and painless as possible. All you have to do is email us your photo.

Next, our team of SEO experts will create your profile based on information from your other online profiles and website (if you have one). The goal is to create original high-quality content that will help your profile rank on Google.

You will be provided with a username and password to login and make edits to your profile once our team has created your profile and assigned you to your market.

How does the local newspaper press release for Featured Agents work?

Agents who select the Featured Profile or Lifetime Featured Profile also receive a digital press release posted on our Blog, and a press release sent to your local newspaper of choice. 

Our team will coordinate with you on the content included in your newspaper press release based on several options we have available.

Please understand that we have no control on whether your local newspaper will choose to print your press release in the newspaper, as this is entirely outside of our control and is up to the newspaper editorial staff.

What are the benefits of becoming a Master Listing Agent™ (MLA)?

Enter your text here...

All Master Listing Agents™ (MLAs) receive the following benefits:

  • No Referral Fees When Sellers Contact You Directly From Your Profile
  • Use the Master Listing Agent™ (MLA) Designation
  • Establish Instant Credibility with Sellers
  • Appear in ListingAgents.com Directory
  • Profiles Are Displayed Locally by Join Date
  • Display the MLA Logo On Personal Website and Advertising
  • (Featured Agents Always Appear Above Basic Profiles)

Featured Master Listing Agents™ receive these additional benefits:

  • Get Up to 5x More Views and Leads!
  • Appear Above Basic Profiles in Search Results
  • Red Border in ListingAgents.com Search Results
  • Digital Press Release on Our Blog for SEO and Credibility
  • Press Release Sent to Local Newspaper

The first 3 - 5 agents to obtain placement in their local market receive a huge advantage over agents who join later since search results in the ListingAgents.com directory are sorted locally by join date.  This means that if you are the first agent in your market to join, you will ALWAYS appear first in your market as long as you remain a member!

What are the requirements for earning and using the Master Listing Agent™ (MLA) designation?

Earning the MLA™ Designation

There are two ways to become a Master Listing Agent™ (MLA): 

1.) Meet the Fast-Track Requirements based on existing designations.


2.) Confirm that you meet the production eligibility requirements.


MLA "Fast-Track"

If you have already received one of the below real estate designations you qualify for "Fast-Track" status and are eligible start using the designation immediately after joining ListingAgents.com and completing your payment!

  • CRS (Certified Residential Specialist)
  • CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Manager)
  • GRI (Graduate Realtor Institute)
  • CRE (Counselor of Real Estate)
  • CAI (Certified Auctioneer Institute)
  • ALC (Accredited Land Consultant)

You can claim your spot it our Listing Agents directory (sorted locally by join date) and begin using the MLA designation immediately after becoming a member.


MLA Production Eligibility

If you do not already have one of the real estate designations listed above, you are eligible to start using the designation if you meet the below requirements:

  • 3+ Years as a Licensed Real Estate Agent 
  • $10 Million+ In Closed Listing-Side Sales 
  • Good Reputation in Your Local Community
  • Passion for Exceptional Customer Service

You can join here if you meet the above requirements and secure your position in our Listing Agents Directory immediately.

What are the rules for displaying the Master Listing Agent™ (MLA) logos?

All Master Listing Agents™ (MLAs) can display the following MLA logos in their personal advertising including website, social media, digital ads, and print ads:

Master Listing Agent MLA Designation Logo
Listing Agents Approved Badge

Rules for Displaying the MLA Logos:

  • Display the logo in your personal advertising including print and digital.
  • Display the logo on your personal website.
  • Promote yourself as a Master Listing Agent™ (MLA) to buyers and sellers.
  • DON'T modify the logos in any way including making color changes.
  • DON'T add any additional text, images, or anything else to to the existing logos.
  • DON'T display the logos or call yourself a Master Listing Agent™ (MLA) if you are not a member.

*If you are a Master Listing Agent™ (MLA) who has already completed payment, you can download the MLA Designation logo or ListingAgents.com Approved logo by right-clicking the above images and saving them to your computer.

Can I still join ListingAgents.com if I don't qualify for the Master Listing Agent™ MLA designation yet?

Yes! You can still join ListingAgents.com and secure top placement in your market if you don't yet qualify to be called a Master Listing Agent™ (MLA).

As soon as you do qualify, you can start using the designation and call yourself a Master Listing Agent™ (MLA). 

How can you afford to charge such low fees compared to other lead generation companies?

Most real estate lead sites are owned by overstaffed publicly-traded companies that have a focus on maximizing shareholder profits.  This requires them to charge outrageous monthly fees for "leads" or site placement.

ListingAgents.com is a privately-owned company with a focus on maximizing profits for our Listing Agent members.

We understand your business because our company was founded by a Realtor. Our mission is to help you thrive and get more high-quality listings without excessive fees.

Listing Agents Approved Badge

What is the refund/return policy?

Refunds and returns are not available due to the incredible value we are providing with our launch offer, and the costs associated with the VIP profile setup and custom SEO content that is created for each agent who joins.

All sales are final.

Join Today And Claim The #1 Spot In Your Market!

Don't miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to secure permanent top placement in your local real estate market!

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