For Immediate Release: has launched a new service to help home sellers find the top Listing Agents in their area.

This will come as a relief to many sellers who are busy and just want to locate the best agents who are qualified to sell their property.

Two main factors are increasing the need for the agent experience gap and bloated portal sites.

Agent Experience Gap Widening

It is not uncommon for top Listing Agents to sell their listings for higher prices and to offer better marketing options.  This is because the top listing agents have years of experience combined with a cutting-edge marketing operation.

But very few agents can afford these costs or even take the time to master the business of selling real estate.  And this is where the experience gap comes in.

For decades agents have whispered about lax real estate licensing requirements and the constant influx of new and part-time agents.  “It’s one of those things most agents don’t like to talk about because it makes the whole industry look bad.” says one industry insider who asked to remain nameless.

In fact, the average Realtor works around 30 hours per week (source: National Association of Realtors – NAR).  So from the perspective of many homeowners, the majority of Realtors aren’t even full-time agents.

Bloated Portal Sites Contain Lots of Amateurs

The above facts mean there are lots of agents out there who don’t have much experience representing sellers.  This is where the trouble comes in.

Because the biggest real estate sites each include almost every agent in the country, there are lots of agents to sort through.  And the majority of these agents lack the experience and marketing resources that informed sellers are looking for.

So finding the most qualified listing agents can be like searching for a needle in a haystack.   Another way to look at it: the majority of real estate sites are full of part-time agents.

Showcasing the Top Listing Agents

But is approaching all of these issues differently.  Rather than try to sweep these uncomfortable facts under the rug, as is the industry norm, wants to shine a spotlight on the top Listing Agents.

The best agents got where they are for two simple reasons: they are smart and they have an incredible work ethic. recognizes these facts and truly believes the top agents should have a place where they can stand out above the noise.

So that’s one of the main things that sets apart from other real estate sites. has no desire to have millions or even hundreds of thousands of members.

Instead, the goal is to showcase the best of the best in each market.

A New Model for Agents and Sellers

There is a growing percentage of homeowner’s who truly understand the value of hiring an experienced listing agent.  And there are a number of exceptional listing agents out there.

As such, is working hard to become the #1 resource that helps connect these sellers with top Listing Agents in their market.

Experienced Listing Agents who would like to be included in their local market are encouraged to join here.


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