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Become a Master Listing Agent™ (MLA)

The listing game is becoming more competitive every year.  But that's not all.  Sellers are more informed and demanding than ever before.

In addition, many also want a top listing agent.  So you need an edge when you walk into every appointment.  And that's what you get by becoming a Master Listing Agent (MLA).

Let's be honest: getting a real estate license is easy.  Becoming a top Listing Agent and delivering exceptional value to sellers is not.

You've worked hard to become a top Listing Agent in your market; now it's time to claim your status as a Master Listing Agent.

Earning the MLA Designation

There are two ways to become a Master Listing Agent™ (MLA): 

1.) Meet the Fast-Track Requirements based on existing designations.


2.) Confirm that you meet the eligibility production requirements.


MLA "Fast-Track"

If you have already received one of the below real estate designations you qualify for "Fast-Track" status and are eligible start using the designation immediately after joining and completing your payment:

  • CRS (Certified Residential Specialist)
  • CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Manager)
  • GRI (Graduate Realtor Institute)
  • CRE (Counselor of Real Estate)
  • CAI (Certified Auctioneer Institute)
  • ALC (Accredited Land Consultant)

You can claim your spot it our Listing Agents directory (sorted locally by join date) and begin using the MLA designation immediately after becoming a member.


MLA Production Eligibility

If you do not already have one of the real estate designations listed above, you are eligible to start using the designation if you meet the below requirements, after joining and completing your payment:

  • 3+ Years as a Licensed Real Estate Agent 
  • $10 Million+ In Closed Listing-Side Sales 
  • Good Reputation in Your Local Community
  • Passion for Exceptional Customer Service

You can join here if you meet the above requirements and secure your position in our Listing Agents Directory immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of becoming a Master Listing Agent™ (MLA)?

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All Master Listing Agents™ (MLAs) receive the following benefits:

  • No Referral Fees When Sellers Contact You Directly From Your Profile
  • Use the Master Listing Agent™ (MLA) Designation
  • Establish Instant Credibility with Sellers
  • Appear in Directory
  • Profiles Are Displayed Locally by Join Date
  • Display the MLA Logo On Personal Website and Advertising
  • (Featured Agents Always Appear Above Basic Profiles)

Featured Master Listing Agents™ receive these additional benefits:

  • Get Up to 5x More Views and Leads!
  • Appear Above Basic Profiles in Search Results
  • Red Border in Search Results
  • Digital Press Release on Our Blog for SEO and Credibility
  • Press Release Sent to Local Newspaper

The first 3 - 5 agents to obtain placement in their local market receive a huge advantage over agents who join later since search results in the directory are sorted locally by join date.  This means that if you are the first agent in your market to join, you will ALWAYS appear first in your market as long as you remain a member!

What are the rules for displaying the Master Listing Agent™ (MLA) logos?

All Master Listing Agents™ (MLAs) can display the following MLA logos in their personal advertising including website, social media, digital ads, and print ads:

Master Listing Agent MLA Designation Logo
Listing Agents Approved Badge

Rules for Displaying the MLA Logos:

  • Display the logo in your personal advertising including print and digital.
  • Display the logo on your personal website.
  • Promote yourself as a Master Listing Agent™ (MLA) to buyers and sellers.
  • DON'T modify the logos in any way including making color changes.
  • DON'T add any additional text, images, or anything else to to the existing logos.
  • DON'T display the logos or call yourself a Master Listing Agent™ (MLA) if you are not a member.

*If you are a Master Listing Agent™ (MLA) who has already completed payment, you can download the MLA Designation logo or Approved logo by right-clicking the above images and saving them to your computer.

Can I still join if I don't qualify for the Master Listing Agent™ MLA designation yet?

Yes! You can still join and secure top placement in your market if you don't yet qualify to be called a Master Listing Agent™ (MLA).

As soon as you do qualify, you can start using the designation and call yourself a Master Listing Agent™ (MLA). 

How can you afford to charge such low fees compared to other lead generation companies?

Most real estate lead sites are owned by overstaffed publicly-traded companies that have a focus on maximizing shareholder profits.  This requires them to charge outrageous monthly fees for "leads" or site placement. is a privately-owned company with a focus on maximizing profits for our Listing Agent members.

We understand your business because our company was founded by a Realtor. Our mission is to help you thrive and get more high-quality listings without excessive fees.

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